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Website Design and Hosting
Fill up the form below, choosing the components you want in your website. The total cost is updated as you choose components. When you are happy with your order, click 'submit' and we'll take it from there!

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Basic features

Template Development (N25,000.00)
Web page design (N3, 500 /page)
Email system setup (+1 user) (N23, 000. 00)
Email, additional account (N12, 000. 00)

Site Maintenance and Promotion

Online Site promotion (N19, 500. 00)
Site Content Updates (10 updates) (N30, 000)
Documents Manager (PDF, MSWord) (N125, 000.00)

Special Features

Page Satistics/Analytics Setup(N15, 000. 00)
Photo /Image Galleries (N85, 000. 00)
Feedback form (N25, 000. 00)
Events Calendar (N85, 000. 00)
Links Directory (N36, 000. 00)
Newsletter/Mailing List Managers (N89, 500. 00)
Search Engine (N45,000.00)