Wayfinding System For Pennywise Pharmacy and Stores

Embark on a visual journey through the intricate world of wayfinding signage at Pennywise Pharmacy and Stores in Kubwa, Abuja. Explore our web photo gallery showcasing the meticulous design and strategically placed signs throughout the four-story supermarket for their opening in 2023.

The Main signs

Made from Aluminum channelium, these three 30 foot signs adorn the main facia of the building. They are visible from all the major sides of the building from at least a kilometer away. The fabrication process started from the machine cut backing boards, then the letters were intricately built up one by one.

Next was the lighting up of the signs. Evenly spaced LED strips were placed on the foamboard base. The electrical leads were all pulled out, connected to the control boxes and tested.

Installation occurred over a week. The scaffolding took a day to put up, and another day to take down. This meant that we could only install every other day, being that there were three faces to install. We had to make sure the internal wiring was in place, before going up with the letters, which were mounted on a pre pasted template, to ensure proper alignment.

The Completed Main Signs

The Entrance

The first thing you see when you come to the building is a navigation pillar. This uses a color code to show the floors inside the store, and what they have to offer. This leads you to a bright yellow welcome sign right in front of the secure boxes for placing valuables. We made steel plates to label these boxes.

The Frozen Food & Cold Drinks LED Neon sign

For the bank of cold products, we opted for a black slatted LED Neon board. This low power unit has a strong impact as you get into the store.

We started off by engraving the slats and letter grooves onto thick foamboard. Next we made a metal frame to support it all. We sprayed it all matt black. The LED neon strips were then fitted in and soldered onto the connection cables. These were neatly connected at the back to the power unit and tested.

The Aisle Menu Boards

Sticking to the color coding, the menu boards were designed for high visibility, and high legibility.

The indoor pillar navigation signs

Big Letters, Numbers and Arrows

These eye catching figures simply tell you where you are and where to go without many words.

The Suya Station

Other indoor signs